Combat Ju-Jutsu Seminars &

Tournament “Branches of Sakura”


Combat Ju-Jitsu Championship
2d- 6th, 2009

Organized by ÑJJIF & CJJFU (Kiev, Ukraine)

Information: /

E-mail: :  Vlad Shipinsky (Ukraine)

Tel: +38-067-858-38-45 / + 38-063-233-05-31                                                         Benoy Geoff +32-475-654279


• CJJIF OPEN in the Martial Arts Olympics:
- Category Full-Contact Tournament
-  Category Tournament Grappling.
- Category Tournament of Self – Defence.
- International Combat Ju-Jitsu Seminar for members

   “COMBAT JU-JUTSU INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION” & Combat Sambo Federation of Ukraine.



• Competition will be held
December 6-th 2009 in Kiev.
Indoor Kiev Palace of Sports at Sports
Square No. 1, 01601 Kiev, Ukraine.

Backing venue - Sports Complex "Kiev Technical University" KPI ", Kiev, 03056, Verhneklyuchevaya 1 / 26 Street.
Traditional and Combat Ju-Jutsu Seminar, Credentials Committee and Referee Seminar will be

kept December 3d-4th 2009 in Kiev at the premises SC "Spartacovets", Malinowski St. 34.


Wednesday 02.12.2009

Reception of delegations, registration, resettlement
20-00 - 22-
30  Seminar of Combat Ju-Jitsu - Technical training is 2 hours, Vasiliev N.A. 9th dan Russia - Theme "Combat Ju-Jitsu"

Thursday 03.12.2009

Reception of delegations, registration, resettlement
20-00 - 22-
30  Seminar of Combat Ju-Jitsu - Technical training is 2 hours, Robert Gale 5th dan USA - Theme "Small Circle Ju-Jitsu"

Friday 04.12.2009

18-30 – 20-30 Seminar of Combat Ju-Jitsu - Technical training is 2 hours, Master – From Combat Sambo

20-30 - 22-30  Seminar of Combat Ju-Jitsu - Technical training is 2 hours, Master – Vasiliev N.A. 9th dan Russia - Theme "Combat Ju-Jitsu"
Saturday 05.12.2009  
10-00 – 11-30 Seminar of Combat Ju-Jitsu - Technical training is 1,5  hours,
Master – Geoff  Benoy 8th dan Belgium “Old Okinawian Karate-Jutsu”.

11-45 – 13-15 Seminar of Combat Ju-Jitsu - Technical training is 1,5 hours, Master – From Combat Sambo

13-30 – 15 -00 Seminar of Combat Ju-Jitsu - Technical training is 2 hours, Master – Christian Braun 7th dan Germany “Open Mind Combat”.

15-15 – 16-45 Seminar of Combat Ju-Jitsu - Technical training is 2 hours, Master – Robert Gale 5th dan USA - Theme "Small Circle Ju-Jitsu"

17.00 Mandatory and medical commission, weighing and registration of participants/ team under the guidance of judges of the International Category CJJIF, Water V.N. (5 Dan. Voronezh, Russia)
18.00 - Drawing participants under the guidance of Judge CJJIF category Referee Sensei Shipinskiy V.S., (2 Dan,
Kiev, Ukraine);
19-00 - 20-00 Referee seminar under the guidance of the Chief Justice of the competition, the judges of the International category CJJIF Vasiliev N.A. (9 Dan. G. RF) .
20.00- Team Representatives Meeting , led by President CJJIF Vasiliev N.A. (9 Dan., G. RF)
21-00 Sauna

06.12.2009 (Sunday)

08.00- Gathering parties, landing on the bus and move to the sports complex.
09.00- Gathering of participants, the Judges Meeting, preparing for the Grand Opening and conduct of duels;
10.00-10.30- Opening Tournament.
10.30-12.30- Preliminary fights " Students Tournament" till the semi-finals in all weight categories;
12.30-13.30- Category "Grappling"
14.00-15.00- Semifinals, Finals;
15.30-16.30- Category "Self-Defence”

16-30 awards

18-00 Banquet


Participants are invited to the Olympics a central location and transportation in
• Recreation center UTOG Address: Pusha-Vodytsya Str. The spa, 6 Phone: (044) 431-93-93; 12 euro
• Sanatorium,
Sports Center "Sokol" Address: Kiev, Pusha-Vodytsya, Gamarnik, 54  - 12 euro
• rent private apartments in center of  
Kiev 20-25 euro per day
• Transportation organized buses from
Kiev and back


CJJIF members 5 Dan and up no fees for the seminar
CJJIF members 3 Dan - 5 Dan
10 euro / seminar
CJJIF members 1 Dan - 3 Dan
20 euro / seminar
All other
CJJIF members 30 euro / seminar
Non- CJJIF members 40 euro / seminar
participation - 5 euro/ person
Award Banquet on the last day evening of the seminar 30 e
uro / person


Chief Justice of Competitions in
Combat Ju-Jutsu:
  Vasiliev Nikolay A. - President
ÑJJIF, President of the Real Combat School Tomsk, Russia.


Geoff Benoy 8th Dan, President IMAF-Europe
- Vodyanykh
Viktor  5th Dan, President of the Voronezh region. Federation of Combat Ju-Jitsu,    Voronezh, Russia
- Cherkasov Dmitriy - 3rd dan, Vice-President of the club Ju-Jitsu and Combat "Lotus", Gomel, Belarus
- Shypinskyi Vladyslav 2dan, President of the
Combat Ju-Jutsu Federation Ukraine
- Makukhin Vyacheslav -  4dan Moscow
- Sommer Andrey 3rd dan Germany

• Chief Secretary of the competitions:
Perunov Alexander 4th Dan, Tomsk, Russia

• Chief Physician of the competition:
Zhdanovich Alexei Mikhailovich (the Doctor-Resuscitator, Kiev)

• Other officials: the Head Area, the Judge Timekeeper, Technical Secretary, Competition Commandant.

Participants in the tournament:

Adults born in 1991 and older. Participants under 18 years (but not less than 16 years) may be saying coaches (on presentation of a passport) to 1 weight class below that of an athlete in the Tournament of Students.
« Students Tournament " - can claim members under 3rd kyu (green belt in the classification of Combat Ju-Jitsu), inclusive. Participation in this tournament is part of the training process, a prize valued with the diploma and did not affect the ranking of athlete and team ...
«Masters Tournament" - can claim members over of the 3rd kyu (green belt in the classification of Combat Ju-Jitsu), inclusive. Participation in this tournament is a rating, honorable; a prize valued medals and affects the athlete's skills assessment and certification of its prospects in CJJIF.

Weight categories:
• «Tournament of Students"
Adults (18 years and older) - up to 60 kg to 67,5 kg to 75 kg to 82,5 kg to 90 kg, over 90 kg.
• «Tournament of Masters"
Adults (18 years and older) - up to 60 kg to 67,5 kg to 75 kg to 82,5 kg to 90 kg, over 90 kg.

The preliminary application for participation in competitions and bookings of hotels must be filed by no later than 25 November 2009. Teams having not submitted within the prescribed periods, the application shall not be covered in some places. Competition allowed the team that contributed to the credentials committee competitions application in the prescribed form (required visa physician and money. "Institutions) as well as athletes, participating personally and have contributed money. certificate, a qualification ticket, passport or birth certificate and a certificate with a photograph attested by a Notary. The number of participants from one team in the weight category is not limited.

Judges Uniforms: black pants or suit, white shirt.
Referee: white shirt, black suit, maroon butterfly)
Side Judge: white shirt, black
pants, black bow-tie
Trainers: just in sportswear, dock sides.
Representatives - casually clothes.

Conditions of Registration.

Each participant must submit to the credentials committee the following documents that confirm his identity:
• Passport (military ID) or birth certificate;
• Budo-passport or original / xerox machine-copy of the current appraisal certificate
• Applications for participation in the competitions of a standard form with a tolerance of a physician;
• The insurance policy of voluntary insurance;
Each participant must be in the next fit and have protectors:
• White, blue or black with the emblem of CJJIF  pure Gi, the school party and the country's flag on the left shoulder;
• Color belts must meet the qualifying level;
• protectors: a helmet, protectors of the groin, breasts (for men and women), protectors on the shins with the protection of the feet are used in the competitions among individual categories of secular parties in accordance with rules approved by the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Ukraine on granting Bureau Federation Ukraine .



• Tournaments for
Combat Ju-Jutsu are conducted according the official full rules of the Combat Ju-Jutsu International Federation (CJJIF) ( - English version)
( - Russian version)


Short Tournament Rules:

1. Match Classification.

Tournament will be held on the wrestling mats or on the tatami size 6 meters by 6 meters.
The fight will be full contact, without any stops.
Time of each match is 2 min. Extra time will be given 1 min. Till the first active execution.

2. Conditions allowing for competition.

Competitors mast be qualified, meet certain age requirements and submit proper documentation to the regulation committee (that is listed in the committee rules & regulations).

3. Uniform of the competitors.

Judo or Ju-Jitsu Gi ( Kimono ). White or blue color ( black by judge approval).
Uniform must have top and under pants.
For hand wear special gloves allowing for strikes & grabs, not weighting more then 8 ounces/ 250g ( the gloves will be given by the tournament officials ).
Competitors are not allowed to wear anything that could lead to injuries: rings, jewelry, watches, chains... .
Competitors should be competing with short clipped nails and clean uniform.
Mandatory protective gear has to be worn during the match: groin cup, underneath the pants.
Not mandatory protective gear: mouth peace, elbow protectors, ankle and knees protectors.

4. Weight categories:

Older teenagers ( 17-18 ) - till 60 kg, till 67.5 kg, till 75 kg, till 82.5 kg, above 82.5 kg
Adults ( 19 years old and higher ) - till 60 kg, till 67.5 kg, till 75 kg, till 82.5 kg, till 90 kg, above 90 kg.

5. Victory Awarded:

Clean Victory:

From a strike leading to knockout;
From a pain technique;
From a chocking technique;
For leaving the mat 3 times;
For a continues serious of strikes during the grappling, when there is impossible to defend ( during the complete control of the opponent ).

Decision of the judges:

For first active execution during extra time;
If one of the participants refusing to continue the match;
Removal of the opponent by his coach or representative of his team;
Removal by the decision of a Medical Doctor;
Removal by the disqualification.

Active executions are qualified by any strike or throw getting the opponent out of the mat area.

6. Allowing executions:

Strikes by hands or legs to the head;
Strikes by hands or legs to the body;
Strikes by hands or legs to the legs;
Strikes by knee in the kneeling position to the body;
Pain techniques to the hands and legs;
Chocking techniques.

7. Not allowed executions:

Strikes to the eyes, throat, neck and back of the neck;
Strikes to the spine, collar bone, groin;
Strikes to the knee;
Strikes with the fingers, elbow, bites;
Pain techniques to the fingers;
Throws on the head;
Throws holding the head with two hands;
Throws with the pain control techniques;
Arching backwards, twisting the neck and spine;
Execution of pain and chocking techniques with a jerk or snatch;
Strikes to the head during the grabbling on the ground with a full contact;
Grabbing the groin, ears, nose, face;
Over arching the knee in the unnatural position of movement.

8. Disqualification and warning

Execution of illegal moves that will leads to no injuries. The competitor will get a warning. After 3 warnings it becomes disqualification.
If a competitor can not continue the match because of the illegal moves his opponent executed, then the one who made the illegal moves receives a disqualification and removal from the tournament.

The judges staff consist of:

Head Judge;
Medical Doctor;
Judge in charge of the match area;
Side judges;
Time keeper.


Protest is petitioned by the representative of the team in writing and decision is made by the head judge immediately after the match and before the next round of weight category.


Combat Ju-Jutsu Federation of Ukraine - Shypinskyi Vlad (President CJJFU)

This notation is an official invitation to participate to the "Open Championship of the Combat Ju-Jutsu International Federation " in the Martial Arts Olympics.