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Council of CJJIF




The Council is composed of the most authoritative CJJIF master above 6 th Dan. CJJIF the responsibility of the Council is to define the main priorities and directions of development of Combat Ju-Jutsu in the world, the definition of technical, educational, competitive features styles Ju-Jutsu; determination of the individual styles of martial arts to Combat Ju-Jutsu Identify and develop educational programs to Combat Ju-Jutsu exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of Combat Ju-Jutsu ...

Nikolay Vasiliev

10 Dan Combat Ju-Jutsu

Real Combat School of Nikolay Vasiliev

President of CJJIF

Geoff Benoy

9 Dan Okinawan Koryu Karate Jutsu

International Martial Arts Federation Europe

Professor Tony Maynard

9 Dan American Combat Ju Jitsu

American Combat Ju Jitsu



Robert Gale

8 Dan Combat ju-jutsu

7 Dan Small Circle Ju Jitsu

Combat Ju-Jutsu PanAmerica


Ricardo Morganti (Brazil)

10 Dan Morganti Ju Jitsu

Facebook: Ricardo.morganti





Professor James Hundon

7 Dan Small Circle Ju Jitsu

Small Circle Ju Jitsu, Ju-Trap-Boxing






















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