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Combat Ju-jutsu Self-Defense Tournament brief rules

Athlete is in the middle of the mat measuring 6 * 6m.
4 assistants are in the corners of the mat and the referee's signal, alternately attacking athlete 1,5-2 seconds (same for all participants). Two more assistants are close to the mat in readiness to replace the assistant has been damaged or improperly performing their duties.

We use 4 types of attacks for 45 seconds each type:
- Attack Simulator knife;
- Attack with a stick;
- Attack strikes the hands and feet;
- Attack of the grippers.

Every attack must be neutralized.

The concept of neutralization of an attack include:
- Care from a line of attack (the attack should not fall into the athlete)
- Putting forward the balance of push, push, throw or hit
- The selection of weapons in the attack with a knife and a stick or a counter-strikes, throws, submission techniques when attacking strokes and grips.
Allowed care unit of an attack without its neutralization. Repeated treatment is punishable by penalty points.
The time of each type of attack is 45 seconds or to 20 attacks each species with tact 1,5-2 seconds (80 attacks in 3 minutes of pure time).
The attack is conducted converge in one tempo, one offensive movement without the use of technology transfer at work with weapons and change capture.
Speech starts at the team referee. Assistants to monitor gestures referee and attack only on his team every 1,5-2 seconds. The team of referees is considered a gesture aimed at an assistant who was to take the next attack. Assistant attack in random order. Attacks should be realistic and be aimed at athletes, or pass through the place where he was supposed to be. Assistants, good faith carrying out their role, to be replaced when changing the type of attack. In total there are two such changes. Assistant to the right to limit the attack power in its final phase, if it sees that the athlete did not see it and have to attack in the vital organs in order to avoid damage to the athlete. In this case, the attack should succeed, but with restrictions applied load. If an athlete was unable to free themselves from capture, command is "Stop", the attack stopped and restarted after the command of the referee.

Judges and evaluate performance.
Evaluated primarily practical technology in the performance of an athlete.
Refereeing has judging panel consisting of:
Ch. judges, three judges, referees and judges, the timekeeper.
Three judges tribute to the athlete by the presence of penalty points by subtracting the penalty points from 100 points, which are present in every athlete initially. Each judge of the three penalty points is counted separately. After the speech, three judges shall submit their results to the Chief Judge that the summation of the remaining after deducting penalty points score determines the outcome of each athlete.

Penalty points are awarded for:
- Double passive care - 2 points
- Loss of balance and rhythm - 1 point.
- No withdrawal from the line of attack - 1 point
- No withdrawal of equilibrium attacker - 1 point
- Lack of a fence of weapon or a counter-attack - 1 point
- Missed shot a knife into the body, head or neck incision - 25 points
- A missed shot or a knife to cut the body limbs and extremities - 15 points
- Missed the blow in the head with a stick - 15 points
- Missed the blow with his stick in the body or limbs - 10 points
- Missed the blow with his hands or feet - 10 points
- Failure to release from the capture - 10 points.

If the number of penalty points has exceeded 100 points, the athlete will be disqualified.

Prohibited actions.
A contestant may not:
- Use a counter-attack without leaving a line of attack;
- To apply counter-attack in full contact;
- Perform throws and submission techniques with injury assistants.
Assistant should not imitate the actions of sending or throwing. The attack must not go after the command "Stop".

Equipment and tools.
Athletes wearing a kimono, barefoot or in soft shoes. You can use gloves with open fingers tightly around wrists.
Simulators used blunt knives with blade length of 15-25 cm, 60-100 cm long sticks
For the assistants always use a soft protection shins. You can use a soft defense corps. hands and a soft helmet for head protection. To determine the rate used by the metronome.

Admission to the competition.
Active in the presence of honey.
Help and training athletes at least fourth kyu.


Combat Ju-Jutsu Championship of Europe, Poland 2010. Self-Defense / Kovzik


Combat Ju-Jutsu Championship of Ukraine, 2011. Self-Defense / Avramenko







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